About The CHEC

The Cardiovascular Health Education Campaign (The CHEC) was founded in May 2020. Cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the United States. But more than this, poor cardiovascular health predisposes individuals to several other negative health effects, including a decreased overall life expectancy. Still, 80% of heart disease can be managed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing risk factors. Moreover, we see increased susceptibility within low and middle income communities, which often lack the resources to address the problem. The CHEC aims to develop and execute community initiatives to help eliminate the prevalence of poor cardiovascular health. As scientists, we recognize the complexity of cardiovascular health and therefore, we supplement our programs with research involvement to contribute to our understanding of this issue. 

Our History

Jun. 2020 - The CHEC was founded after witnessing the effects of COVID-19 on cardiovascular health.

July 2020 - Nutrition in Neighborhoods was launched in Iowa and New Jersey.

Dec. 2020 - Nutrition in Neighborhoods was expanded to over ten states across the United States.

May. 2021 - Community Care was launched in partnership with the Triangle Disability Awareness Council of Chapel Hill, NC.